Researchers seeking male ChAc patients for infertility in ChAc study

Andreas Hermann and Kevin PeikertNA researchers Andreas Hermann and Kevin Peikert write to let us know they have recently clearly demonstrated infertility in two young male ChAc patients (asthenoteratozoospermia and oligoasthenozoospermia, respectively). Additionally, they've confirmed previous findings of male infertility in their ChAc Vps13a KO mouse model. These results provide evidence that ChAc leads to male infertility, but to confirm causality - and because the two patients were brothers - the research team urgently needs more male ChAc patients who would be willing to undergo a sperm analysis. 


If you can help, the researchers would need a hormone status (Testosterone, LH, FSH, Inhbin, and Prolactin) and a semen analysis according WHO-5 criteria. "It would be furthermore ideal if the patient could get a urological examination to exclude other causes for infertility," Hermann and Peikert write. "Any male ChAc patients who undergo these examinations and provide the data for our study will be greatly appreciated by all scientists, patients, families and friends." The researchers are also interested in McLeod patients as a control group.


For more information on how you can assist with this urgent research, please contact Ginger at the NA Advocacy ( who can facilitate contact with the team.

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