Dresden: Issues of patients and caregivers

The meeting in Dresden began with an afternoon devoted to issues of patients and caregivers.


The first presentation was from Claudia Volger who introduced us to the stories of Sidney and Lieven, her sons who are under the care of Andreas Hermann and his group. After medical questions and answers, Alexandra Takats, musical therapist took us through a number of exercises which allowed us to experience different forms of rhythm and harmony using musical improvisation. These experiments helped us to understand new experiences in our lives and perhaps change our attitudes in order to better accept unchangeable conditions. The music also helped with physical relaxation.


On the second day of the meeting the patients had a session with physiotherapists and an occupational therapist, Antonio, Caroline and Nico. They included group warm-up, body perception, relaxation therapy and hobbies for physical strength. Caregivers exchanged experiences and ideas for caring for themselves and finding resources for themselves and the patients.

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Alexandra Takats
Alexandra Takats
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