We were delighted to get this update from Dillon DeBoer:


Hi, my name is Dillon DeBoer I am an only child. I live in Warrenville with my dad and mom, and dog Dixie. She is 15 years old. We call her grandma! She still acts like a puppy. I love her a lot. I am in charge of letting her out and feeding her. I like to give her treats and she just loves ice cubes! My family loves to laugh. We like to be silly.


Sometimes my mom embarrasses me, and calls me Bob, or Mr. Pickles, but I know it is all in good fun! My favorite thing to do is hanging out with my friends. I also love to swim, dance, and watch WWE. When I was a little dude, my mom turned on WWE. I was hooked immediately! I would climb up onto my tall dresser in my room and do flips onto my bed. I always scared my mom when I did that. She told me I was going to give her a heart attack one day! I have a huge collection of WWE DVD’s and WWE Wrestler action figures.


I am very good at X-Box, and can even use my controller upside-down behind my head! None of my friends can beat me at WWE wrestling on X-Box, not even my dad! I have been to several live WWE matches when they were in Chicago. I actually got to meet one of my Idols, Seth Rollins. He was really nice. I gave him a rock from my rock garden. He told me he would keep my special rock forever. 


I have a public Facebook account about my story. It is called Dillon Rocks Warrenville. Check it out. There are a lot of pictures and videos of me. I get painted rocks from all over the United States. I have some rocks come from as far as Ireland and Costa Rica. It is like Christmas when I get the rocks. My mom cries every time I get them in the mail. I have a special rock garden in front of my house. I like to hang out in front of it, and listen to music. It is so nice to see my special rocks, and know how many people care about me.



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