Looking Foward to 2022

Creative commons image with thanks to 401kcalculator.orgThe patients, trustees, researchers/consultants who are recipients of funds are hugely grateful for your support, financial and emotional, of our charity – Advocacy for Neuroacanthocytosis Patients. Without your help and generosity, we would not have been able to make the strides we have in understanding this group of ultra rare diseases. We have been able to fund work on genetic mutations, improve the Western Blot test for chorein and grow the VPS 13A database. The Advocacy supported the virtual Barcelona Symposium and continues to provide vital information to patients and families globally. The Glenn Irvine Prize will be awarded again in 2022. Please join us to champion the cause for these diseases; your assistance is invaluable! Gifts may be made through the donate button on the website or see other options.

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