Ginger Irvine Honored with Service Award
Presitigous Award Given by the Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
by Despina Dinca

Dr Emilia Gatto's presentation at the Gala, with pictures of Ginger, Glenn and Alexandra Irvine on the big screen in the backgroundYou can watch the Ceremony here: and tap from 31'15'' and join the live audience in applauding the lovely presentation given by Dr Emilia Gatto, Chair of the MDS Awards Committee.


The award was gracefully received in person, on Ginger’s behalf, by Mette Jolly, our former Charity Manager. The Public Service Award recognises individuals or organisations that exhibit the highest standard of excellence, dedication, and accomplishment in public engagement within the field of Movement Disorders. And to give you an idea of its magnitude, this award was presented in 2011 to Michael J. Fox.  Here is what Ginger shared while accepting this award:


"We are thrilled and honoured to be recognised as furthering the cause of patients with an ultra-rare disease outside the confines of the clinical world. My husband Glenn and I were introduced to a field of endeavour we never expected to enter. Our experiences with our daughter Alex over the past 25 years have brought new knowledge and understanding and a whole lot of respect for the wide medical world globally.

With the help and support of many, we are pleased to have worked with all the clinicians and researchers who are heading the labs and projects which will lead to better treatments and possibly cures for these rare movement disorders. A special thank you to Professor Adrian Danek, Professor Ruth Walker and Professor Hans Jung for spearheading those efforts for us. And thank you also to our supporters and funders, especially to the Pforzheimer family. Everyone’s efforts help us spreading the word, sharing patients’ stories and ideas and enabling meetings to bring the experts together. This made it possible for us to present a united front to the world and support collectively the strength and resilience of patients, families and carers who face this disease daily.


Mette Jolly with the award she kindly accepted in person on behalf of Ginger I would also like to thank all those people who are accompanying us on this long trail: Alex for her courage and resilience, her sister Jen and her family, all generous friends from around the world, trustees, volunteers, colleagues, and fellow rare disease advocates. Their encouragement, understanding and unwavering support have helped us continue our important work to find better treatments, increased research and improved accessibility for all."


[Mette Jolly received award on behalf of Ginger.]


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