Featured Researcher - Dr. Amber Tetlow

Amber TetlowAmber completed her undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in gerontology at the University of South Florida. During her undergraduate degree, she worked in a cognitive aging lab that focused on randomized controlled trials to study the efficacy of cognitive training programs among older adults with and without cognitive decline.


She continued her education at the University of South Florida where she pursued her Ph.D. in Aging Sciences. During this time she was also a graduate visiting scholar at Michigan State University while conducting her dissertation research. Her dissertation focused on the effects of aging in animal models of both transgenic and viral models of tauopathy.


In March 2021 she joined Dr. John Crary’s Lab as a post-doctoral fellow at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Currently one of her major studies is Neuropathology of Neuroacanthocytosis Syndromes in collaboration with Dr. Ruth Walker. This project is aimed at gaining the largest collection of post-mortem tissues from those that were diagnosed with chorea acanthocytosis and McLeod syndrome.


The goal of this study is to provide the largest systematic analyses of these issues. The study is ongoing and this team is excited to share their findings once they can.

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