Toe-tapping XK Patient
by Bob Metzger

A dapper Bob Metzger and several of his dancing partnersThe dance style is 'tap dancing'. I did not take formal dance classes as a youth, which is common practice. I participated in my first dance class in 2002 at age 31 and kept up with it for about 3 years at that time. Participation went on hold for several years, but I recently picked it back up again in 2022. I love choreographed dancing because it is such a multifaceted activity that engages and involves - music, health (physically, socially, intellectually), multiple areas of the brain and just an overall fun experience. 


It's interesting to note that as I'm getting older I am seeing that I'm starting to lose some neurologic functioning and cannot quite execute certain steps that I used to be able to at the speed (tempo) of the music we perform to. I still get out there and do my best and have fun engaging my brain as I connect the coordination of moving my body in choreographed steps to the timing of music.


(A dapper Bob Metzger and several of his dancing partners in the photo above.)

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