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Thomas ShobithThomas Shobith:


Last year Shobith and his wife Simi moved to their new home along with his parents. They are enjoying their first spring at their new home! Simi writes:


"After moving to the new house, Shobith was having lots of falls since it was taking time to adjust to the new space. During that time he started with speech therapy and physical therapy. He is showing more interest in his therapies this time and showing improvements, especially with physical therapy - thanks to the talented physical therapist Andrew Fifield, whose constant encouragement and expertise is helping him. Andrew introduced a U Step Walker that Shobith is using to move around the house. Not only have his falls have drastically reduced, but also Shobith is showing steady progress on his safety goals. With different challenges every week between Andrew, physical therapy intern, Shobith and Simi, physical therapy has become a fun time for Shobith!


Shobith is also going for a sheltered employment program for the disabled, twice a week, where he enjoys working on packaging and labeling. He likes to keep a target on how many packages he will finish and meet his goal every time. He is one of the top productive workers in his group.


Shobith has a much better daily routine now starting with church in the morning and going out in the evening. Going to the movie theater is one of his hobbies, and having a movie pass helps him and Simi go more than once a week, where he enjoys a pizza. Shobith also likes to go fishing in the summer".



Ernesto Montero:


Ernesto Montero sent photos of the family enjoying his vernisage in Caceres last year with his sister Pilar.


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Manon Sauvageau:


Manon with her daughter FannyFrom Quebec we hear from Manon Sauvageau who corresponds with Alex in French; Manon was praised by her neurologist in Montreal who said it was miraculous that she can walk so well, which encouraged her to continue her exercises and "et surtout ne pas lâcher .....ainsi va la vie….." (Especially do not let go…so is life)


Her exercise includes gym time, pool time and walking time; she also has acupuncture which aids her eating. Manon contends she is difficult to beat at Scrabble and praises her daughter Fanny, who accompanies her to medical appointments and always brings good groceries!






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Thomas Shobith - Fishing on a cold day with his wife, uncle and cousin
Thomas Shobith - Fishing on a cold day with his wife, uncle and cousin
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