Seeking Walkers, Runners, Cyclists for NA 


Once again this November, tens of thousands of runners took part in the New York City Marathon. Perhaps you were a participant or have been one in the past or know someone who has run at this awesome gathering. Each year countless people take part in a variety of events involving running, walking, cycling, snowshoeing and a myriad of other challenges. Today, the choices of available activities are endless, and include marathons and triathlons, international cycling tours, trekking through mountains and walks through world-renowned city parks. The sense of accomplishment at reaching the finish line is a great reward and when paired with raising money for a cause, even more so.


The Advocacy has greatly appreciated the efforts of participants who have supported the NA cause in the past and would certainly be thrilled to hear from former and new supporters taking part in future events. If you plan to join a challenge event this coming year, please use this opportunity to fundraise for our charity. You can also show your support by encouraging family or friends who have expressed an interest in engaging in a challenge event to support the Advocacy. This support not only serves to channel funds towards NA research but also raises awareness and interest in these ultra rare diseases. We can provide flyers and small posters to help you explain the cause.


Thanks so much and Go Team NA Advocacy!








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