Important Suggestion for XK Patients Regarding Blood Transfusions
A Message from Susan Wagner
by Susan Wagner

Mark's medical alert bracelet as described in the articleGreetings to all McLeod syndrome (XK) patients from the family of my brother Mark Wagner, a McLeod syndrome patient.  We wanted to reach out to you with a suggestion from brother Mark’s hematologist doctor. His doctor recommended Mark wear a bracelet to alert medical personnel of his condition, and the telephone number to call to access where his frozen blood is being stored. 


There is a medical need for McLeod syndrome patients to bank and freeze their own blood to avoid possible blood transfusion reaction since their blood lacks Kell antigen. Brother Mark has had his blood (autologous) frozen to circumvent this possibility.


Mark’s bracelet was ordered on Amazon:

There are many others types available on Amazon, different styles, colors and pricing. Mark’s cost $54.99.


Any questions feel free to contact me.


Susan Wagner

President,  NA-USA



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