Patient Encourages Others to Live Life to its Fullest
Mike Koutis With an Important Word
by Mike Koutis

I just wanted to tell all of my friends that I hope you are pursuing your passion. Life is too short not to be happy. I graduated from the University of Manitoba with my engineering degree and worked for a year but I wasn’t happy so I went back to school and after two more years I got my teaching degree.


I loved teaching and after subbing for a year decided to go to England and teach there for a year. It was an amazing experience! I was not only working in my dream job, as a grade 3 Special Needs Teacher, but I was also living my life to the max.
I went to Wimbledon and watched some of the greatest tennis players, visited Cambridge, spent a week visiting my aunt for the first time in Manchester, where I also got to watch a football match at Old Trafford Stadium and got to experience St.Patrick's Day in Dublin.
I also made many friends while in England, some of whom I still keep in touch with, including my very good friend Elizabeth.
After my year in England I came back home, where I was able to continue my dream of teaching, this time as an Adult Educator. It was a great job as I not only got to teach but also developed my own curriculum. But I think the greatest thing to come out from this experience was that I got to teach a great guy whom I’m still friends with today. Brendan Mohr and his wife Kristy and their children Ray and Serena are like family now.
I’m grateful for the life I have lived but I’m not ready to give up hope that a cure for NA will be found.







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