NA PEOPLE: Thanks and best wishes to Giel Bosman

Adrian Danek writes to wish a happy retirement and thanks to colleague Giel Bosman.


The reminder how rapidly time flies was inevitable to perceive, when our colleague and friend Giel wrote to us about his retirement from his university as of this September. Dr. G.J.C.G.M. Bosman (the Dutch go at great lengths with their first names) had served as a professor in the biochemistry department at Radboud University Nijmegen for more than a quarter century, researching and publishing proficiently in the field of red cell physiology and aging.


He had first written in 1988 about the red cell deformation of acanthocytosis and was a natural choice of speaker at the very first International Neuroacanthocytosis Symposium in 2002. He was a regular at all subsequent meetings and always distinguished himself as a team player in the efforts of our slowly growing international community of affected families and researchers. It is to him that we owe the acronym for the eventually successful application for our consortium supported from European research funds. "EMINA" stands for European Multidisciplinary Initiative for Neuroacanthocytosis and was continued by an EMINA-2. Both, "initiative" and "multidisciplinary" seem to apply to Giel, too, and as applications under alternative acronyms were less successful, we hope for an EMINA-3, perhaps with his input?


We send him our very best wishes as he continues his activities as a teacher, now of the Dutch language, for high school students with a refugee background. A specific memory is from the meeting in Kyoto, Japan, in 2006, and might have been captured in these photos from our stint at the Karaoke bar.


(L to R) Adrian Danek, Antonio Velayos-Baeza, Giel Bosman and Benedict Bader

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