TOP STORY - Rare Disease Day 2024
Rare Disease Day Focuses on Collective Commonality of Rare Diseases
by Despina Dinca

Rare is Strong! Proud! Many! In support of the Rare Disease Day, 29 February 2024, #rarediseaseday, (graphics provided by the organisations to raise awareness around and on the Rare Disease Day)Rare Disease Day is marked in the calendar each year on the last day of February, so with 2024 being a leap year, it is on Thursday, 29 February.


The common theme for 2024 is that although rare conditions are individually rare, they are collectively common. Therefore, there is awareness power in sharing not only the statistics related to living with a rare condition, but it’s extremely important to tell the stories of the people behind them, to make them heard as far and wide as possible.


Where can you find us that day/week?

  1. On our own social media.
  2. On others’ social media, such as rare disease umbrella organisations:
  1. In person at the Rare Disease Day Westminster Reception
  2. Online

Join us and help spread the word! Every single share and like will support Advocacy for Neuroacanthocytosis Patients (NA Advocacy) and NA Advocacy USA!

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