Patient Pen Pals

Fannie (left) and ManonI have been exchanging emails with Manon Sauvageu for the last six or so months -and here are some of the things she has shared with me:


Manon is very proud of herself for being able to walk without too much assistance in fact recently with no assistance at all. She puts that down to exercise , exercise  and more exercise walking, along the corridors and in the basement of the home where she is staying .  She hopes to surprise her neurologist by going to her next appointment  without any support.


After getting up in the morning round 8 AM she usually has large breakfast and then  goes on to her computer to check her email messages. She is also very happy about her  ability to eat after a series of acupuncture treatments which means she can eat anything and everything without choking on it. Then she usually goes for a walk  along the cycle routes or the corridors of the residence.  At about 3.30 she settles down to watch her favourite TV shows.


After dinner she spends some time in the gym.  Her favourite pastimes include playing  dominoes and doing word games with people in the Cooke residence.  As well as reading she likes to  go swimming in the pool nearby. She has really missed this during the current pandemic. She also misses her Saturday visits with her mother who is close by and they usually went to the cinema.


And finally there is her daughter Fannie (pictured left) who is 29 years old with whom she has a very good relationship. Fanny works as a nurse in the north of Quebec. They exchange facebook messages regularly:  “She is a pillar I can count on and we take very good care of each other,“ she says. One thing is for certain: Manon is happy where she is and she wouldn’t change her place for anything in the world.

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