Why NA research needs geneticists

Dr. Miltenberger-MiltenyiIf you've ever wondered how the work of geneticists is essential to the ongoing research supported by the NA Advocacy, Gabriel Miltenberger-Miltenyi included this description of the geneticist's role as part of a presentation he gave in April. In the management of ChAc patients, the geneticist:

  • Creates a bridge between patients, physicians and molecular labs, basic scientists
  • Supports genetic analyses
  • Cares about each step (e.g. informed consent, human biological tissue handling)
  • Not only provides results, but writes and signs clinical genetic reports (the responsibility of a physician) to patients world-wide
  • Offers genetic counseling and answers questions of patients, family members, physicians and care givers (in different languages (e.g. Portuguese); personally or via Skype – depending on the situation;
  • Provides predictive, prenatal testing, NIPD
  • Leads and collaborates in research projects

Our thanks to Dr. Miltenberger-Miltenyi for helping us better understand his important work.

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